SAVE Founders Hold Press Conference Ahead of Election

SAVE’s Official Response

  • We have proven that our voting system has been exposed to the Internet.
  • We know that the computers have not been patched for 13 years.
  • We know that wireless electronic transmission of the vote opens up the election computers to hacking.
  • We know that malware could have been put into the current machines based on a State of Tennessee report.
  • And, there are even other ways to get in the machines with corrupted cards.
  • In response to the tabulator concerns, these computers could have been corrupted prior to Election Day.
  • In fact the collection zone tabulators are not surveilled with cameras.
  • Contrary to the Election Commission statement, our co-observers in 2016 and 2018 were never shown or provided a room with a tabulator and a closed circuit TV.

In spite of this, they won’t check the programs.